The Plantritionist Story

My name is Talitha Case. I’m the foodie behind Instagram and Facebook handles @ThePlantritionist.

Growing up in New South Wales,  my family’s pantry and fridge were always stocked with all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients.

I definitely get my culinary curiosity from my father who (like me, as massive foodie) introduced me to a diverse selection of flavours from all over the world. It was this exposure to a variety of foods from a young age that made me a confident cook…until a few years ago when I embarked on a plant-based lifestyle. I recall making the switch vividly, I was initially excited but soon petrified that all those ‘robust’ flavours that I had become so obsessed with would be replaced with uninteresting, bland food.

Over the years I’ve trawled through so many websites attempting the recipes, but always found that my hungry for serious-FLAVOUR-tooth was never quite satisfied. There was always something missing. Either not healthy and swimming in oil or too healthy and no flavour or just the wrong flavour altogether. Not satisfied with what was out there, I decided to start documenting my own cooking creations and more recently publishing them on social media for anyone who, like me, likes their food to be healthy but still indulgent. 

All of my recipes and 100% plant-based and suited to the home cook who wants bold flavoursome food, but with the ability to easily adapt them to your own liking.


Spicy Black bean Tacos

Colourful, fresh, satisfying and pretty on the eye, this is an entertainers delight! Impress your friends with a Mexican fiesta or eat it all yourself, no judgement here.

Decadent raw chocolate and strawberry tart

If you love raw desserts then you simply must try this one!

Curry Shephard’s pie

Swap out rice for mash and turn a lentil curry into a wicked pie!

Creamy cauliflower curry with Tuscan Kale

Cauliflower and curry go together like Gen Y and smashed Avo

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